AndroIRC 3.3 : first beta

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02/15/2012 update: There was an issue with the beta uploaded before today (a force close on startup). This should now be fixed in the new beta, so, please update as soon as possible. Sorry the for trouble!

Two months after 3.2 release, we now release the first beta of 3.3! As usual, there're some nice new features, as well as some bug fixes. 

New features :

  • Authentication with SSL certificate. This allow replacing Nickserv on compatible servers (see for example). See here for a how to use guide.
  • Ignore support. See here for a quick usage guide
  • The main layout has been redesigned. You'll now see a title bar indicating the current channel, and where you'll go when you swipe left / right

Changes :

  • The notification has changed and now follow Android guidelines.
  • New icons on the customize dialog
  • There's now a confirmation popup on the Kick, Kick/Ban actions
  • The IME will now correctly show a 'send' icon when entering text.
  • Better support for tablets


  • no longer disconnect / reconnect when rotating the device on Android 3.0 and above
  • and many others things

The new beta is already available here! Please report any bugs / issues you have in our bug tracker!

Have fun with AndroIRC!

AndroIRC 3.3 beta 2

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With some late, here's the second beta of AndroIRC 3.3. This beta fixes the Force Close when one tried to open the preferences, and some small others things.

As always, you can download it on our beta page!

Have fun with AndroIRC!