AndroIRC 1.3 is out!

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Hello everyone!

A new major release of AndroIRC is here!

What's new?

  • Text customization: A long press on the text box shows a popup allowing the user to customize text (colors, formating, ...). This uses mIRC standards.
  • Improved network detection: AndroIRC now detects networks lost, and reconnect automatically when a new network is available
  • Tips of the day: On startup, a little tips is added on the home page
  • Custom commands on startup: You can now set custom commands, automatically send when the server is connected.
  • Icons set: you can choose what set of icons AndroIRC should use
  • New aliases: /hop, /kb, /w, /um, /v, /h, /o

    , /dv, /dh, /q

  • Server ping: AndroIRC now pings the server every two minutes to detect timeout
  • On supported devices, using the camera button will append a "/" on the text box
  • As usual, a lot of bugs fixed

Have fun with this new release, and don't hesitate to send an email if you find a bug!

Bugs report

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Hi all!

We're opening a new section allowing you to easily submit bug reports :

Thanks in advance for your bug reports!