AndroIRC 1.0 is out!

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That's it! AndroIRC is now available in the Android Market since today ! Priced at $1.95, AndroIRC lets you connect simply and effectively to several IRC networks simultaneously from your Android smartphone. Easily customizable, AndroIRC manages mIRC colors, charset , SSL connection, automatic identification with NickServ, Android's notifications when the application is no longer in the foreground and much more .. . ! For more information, you can always look at the screenshots and FAQs

Version 1.0.1 on the Market

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Version 1.0.1 is already available on the Android Market. The program, bugfixes and adding a software license (More here) available in the menu (EULA).

Nothing too serious.

AndroIRC 1.0.2

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And yes, we work hard here! Version 1.0.2 is already available. It adds nothing definite, just bug fixes on big screens and during the change of orientation which causes a restart of the application

Available on the Android Market today.

AndroIRC is free !

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Yes, you've heard right! We've decided to make AndroIRC free. As always, you can download AndroIRC on the Android Market!

AndroIRC 1.1 is here!

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Already a month since the previous update! It's time to bring you back AndroIRC 1.1.

It's a major update, with a lot of bug fixes and some new features :

  • Support for touch screen :
    • A tap brings the opened windows list up
    • A double tap brings the users list up
    • A left/right fling change the current window up/down
  • The message window does not scroll anymore when you receive a new message, unless you already are at the bottom of the list
  • Added support for "/msg" alias
  • Improved socket management
  • New crashreport feature : if you choose it, you can allow AndroIRC to automatically send crashreport to our server in order to help us to improve AndroIRC
  • The force close when showing the menu is fixed
  • The message list was completely rewritten. As a consequence, the drawing is faster. Unfortunately, the list separators are no longer supported.
  • A lot of bug fixes

The update will be available in the next few days on the Market.

AndroIRC v1.1.1

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Soon after v1.1, here v1.1.1. It's a bug fixes release thanks to the first crash reports we've been collected!

Bug fixes :

  • No more crash when connecting to a new channel
  • No more crash with malformed color code
  • No more crash with malformed raw message

AndroIRC 1.1.2

Notizie di Sébastien il 07/18/2010 - Mostra commenti

Again a bug fixes release, thanks to your bugs reports!

The force close on startup should be fixed.

AndroIRC 1.1.3

Notizie di Sébastien il 07/19/2010 - Mostra commenti

Hello everyone, After long hours of work, we finally find out two majors bugs : the force close on startup, and the force close on menu. There were due to older Android version, but it's now fixed! Some others bugs have been fixed too.

The update will be available as soon as the market is reopened!

Edit: The update is now available.

AndroIRC 1.2 is out!

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A new major release of AndroIRC is out! Four new major features :

  • Added support for nickname/alt. nickname per server
  • Added support for auto ident by nickserv per server
  • Complete refactoring of the auto-join channel feature: it's now easier to add an auto-join channel for a server
  • Added support for copy: simply long press on a line, and it's copied!

Additionally, a lot of work has been done rewriting the database. Unfortunately, when upgrading, you'll loose all the channels you've added. All your others preferences will be kept!

It's also good to mention that AndroIRC now support new mIRC tag for italic text!

The update will be available in the next few hours!

Have fun!

AndroIRC 1.2.2

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AndroIRC 1.2.2 is now available on the market! What's new?

  • You can now disable the auto-correction of channel names, or choose with which character you want the correction to be done. Furthermore, no correction will be done if you enter a channel name starting with '#', '&', '+' or '!'. You have the control! A little example:
    You have set the option to correct with the '+' character :
    /j androirc
    will in reality join +androirc, but
    /j #androirc
    will join #androirc, no matter the option selected.
  • Various bug fix

The update is available right now!

New design / AndroIRC 1.2.4

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Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed since a couple of days, the website has a new design! We're now connected throught Facebook and Twitter! You can also leave us some comments and feedback (this is really appreciated!)

You may also have noticed the new "Donate" button. Indeed, even if AndroIRC is (and will remain) totally free, the developpement is very time/effort consumming. We have charges concerning the web hosting too. That's why, if you use and enjoy AndroIRC, a donation would be really helpfull!

From all the AndroIRC team, thank you all in advance!

PS: AndroIRC v1.2.4 is available on the market. Nothing new, only bug fix. If you have any bugs or problems with AndroIRC, please, send us an email describing your problem. Rating us one star on the market won't help! Thank you!