AndroIRC v4.0: beta 2 is here

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It's been a while since the release of the first beta of AndroIRC 4.0. We have received a lot of feedback from you, thanks a lot!

Unfortunately, this first beta was not as stable as expected. We took the time to properly fix everything, and it's involved rewritting many part of the application from scratch.

But today we are pleased to announce the release of AndroIRC 4.0 beta 2! We encourage every user of the first beta to upgrade as soon as possible, as this beta will be more stable. You'll find a complete change log at the bottom of this article.

The distribution channel of this new beta is new. Indeed, for the first time, we choose to use the new Google Play Store beta distribution channel. This mean you'll receive the update directly on your device, no side loading!

In order to be able to get the beta, you'll need to follow two very simple steps:

That's all! Once it's done, you'll receive the update on your device! Please note that as long as you are an AndroIRC tester, you won't be able to rate or comment on the AndroIRC Play Store page! If you want to report some issues or bugs, please use our support page.

Have fun with AndroIRC!

New features

  • [UI] Themes support. See this wiki page for more details.
  • [UI] New UserList. Performances when the channel has a large number of users should be improved
  • [UI] Action Bar support for device prior to Honeycomb
  • [UI] Dynamic menu: what is shown when opening the menu now depends on the active channel / server
  • [UI] New "Reconnect" menu in actions
  • [UI] Refactored some dialogs. An error popup will be shown when a specific format is expected and the input is wrong
  • [UI] New "auto-capitalize" and "auto-correct" options
  • [UI] Better support for tablets
  • [IRC] Better parsing of raw 252, 253 254 and 303
  • [IRC] Rewritten networking support: users should experience better network stability
  • [Settings] Ability to hide join / leave / quit messages
  • [Settings] Proxy support
  • [Global] The application now uses Fragments. It should improve application stability and reduce RAM usage
  • [Global] New icons for menu
  • [Global] New translations
  • [Global] Android JellyBean support
  • [Global] New in-app-billing support for purchasing premium.


  • [Major] Fixed lag on ICS+
  • reduced RAM usage when opening a lot of channels / servers
  • reduced RAM usage when a channel was opened for a long time
  • many bugs fix
  • Possible issue with NickServ auto-authentication