AndroIRC 3.1 final ! That's right!

Notizie di Sébastien il 11/26/2011 - Mostra commenti

Hello everyone,

That's right, AndroIRC 3.1 is finally here! It's been already 6 months since AndroIRC 3.0, but the wait is over! So, what's new in AndroIRC 3.1?

  • added: support for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and better support for tablets
  • added: on device without 'search' button, a 'search' icon is available on the textview, allowing easy nick/chan completion
  • added: channel completion in addition to nick completion ('search' button, tab button or 'search' icon on device without 'search' button)
  • added: Add to favorite option - you can now automatically store a channel directly from the 'action' menu
  • added: support for vibration, sound and led for notifications
  • added: show a notification each time a pv is received, not only the first time
  • added: show a counter on the AndroIRC icon which count unread message since the app. is in background (does not work on HTC Sense, sorry)
  • added: Spanish translation by Ronald Montenegro
  • added: Greek translation by stefanou
  • added: Korean translation by Pandaren Sweetbarrow
  • added: BNC support
  • added: /sleep command
  • changed: optimized listview, with less memory footprint
  • changed: you can now customized color by clicking on the fan icon on the textview, instead of using the context menu, which was not available on all phones
  • changed: better support for connection/disconnection. fixed high cpu usage for good
  • changed: redesigned channel management. You can now store FiSH key per channel and choose which channel you want to auto-join
  • And of course, many bugs fixed thanks to your bug reports!

The update is right now available on the Android Market, and will also be available on Handster Market really soon.

If you have any issues with AndroIRC, please add a new ticket on our bug tracker. It's more easier for us to manage rather than emails! Also, if you want to help us translating AndroIRC, please visit our translation service and start your translation today!

We are already working on AndroIRC 3.2, with some nice features too! You can follow us on facebook, twitter and now Google+.

Thank you for your support, and have fun with AndroIRC!