AndroIRC 1.2 is out!

News by Sébastien on 07/26/2010 - Show comments

A new major release of AndroIRC is out! Four new major features :

  • Added support for nickname/alt. nickname per server
  • Added support for auto ident by nickserv per server
  • Complete refactoring of the auto-join channel feature: it's now easier to add an auto-join channel for a server
  • Added support for copy: simply long press on a line, and it's copied!

Additionally, a lot of work has been done rewriting the database. Unfortunately, when upgrading, you'll loose all the channels you've added. All your others preferences will be kept!

It's also good to mention that AndroIRC now support new mIRC tag for italic text!

The update will be available in the next few hours!

Have fun!