AndroIRC 1.1 is here!

News by Sébastien on 07/16/2010 - Show comments

Already a month since the previous update! It's time to bring you back AndroIRC 1.1.

It's a major update, with a lot of bug fixes and some new features :

  • Support for touch screen :
    • A tap brings the opened windows list up
    • A double tap brings the users list up
    • A left/right fling change the current window up/down
  • The message window does not scroll anymore when you receive a new message, unless you already are at the bottom of the list
  • Added support for "/msg" alias
  • Improved socket management
  • New crashreport feature : if you choose it, you can allow AndroIRC to automatically send crashreport to our server in order to help us to improve AndroIRC
  • The force close when showing the menu is fixed
  • The message list was completely rewritten. As a consequence, the drawing is faster. Unfortunately, the list separators are no longer supported.
  • A lot of bug fixes

The update will be available in the next few days on the Market.