AndroIRC 3.0 final is out !

News by Sébastien on 06/26/2011 - Show comments

Hello everyone,

Finally, AndroIRC 3.0 is out after three betas. Thanks to anyone who've tested it, this version 3 has a lot of bug fixes, and some great new features :

  • FiSH support ! As FiSH needs Blowfish in order to encrypt / decrypt, FiSH support is limited to devices running Android 2.3 or above.
  • History support: by default, the latest 20 typed messages are stored. You can navigate through history using the up / down key (the DPAD also works!)
  • Nick completion: just press the search button while typing, and it will automatically complete your nick. Press search again to cycle through nicks.
  • Redesigned user list. A long press on a nick append the nick in the textbox, while clicking on it show a little menu.
  • Partial Android 3.0 Honeycomb support
  • Support for irc:// links in Android browser
  • A quick start dialog when first launching AndroIRC, and a what's new dialog when upgrading
We have also fixed a lot of issues, like
  • BNC support
  • /me & queries issues
  • fling / gestures are now less sensitive
  • better detection of network connection, and better handling of connection lost and reconnection
  • better disconnection from servers
  • bugs fix

Unfortunately, Android 1.5 is no longer supported. You'll have to stay with AndroIRC 2, or upgrade to a newer Android version.

Like requested many times, you'll now find a premium app on the market. Install this app if you want to support us! As a result, ads will be disabled on AndroIRC!

Thanks to anyone who participate to the beta, and enjoy AndroIRC!