Fast, powerful, only for Android™

Dark, light, and customizable theme

Accessible by default in a dark or light theme, AndroIRC allows you to create your custom theme with your own colors. It's fully customizable.

Powerful notifications

AndroIRC will notify you as soon as you have a new private message or a new highlight. Of course, you can configure notifications as you want. You can even change the list of words triggering a highlight!

Beautiful interface, fully integrated

Available for Android 2.1 and above, AndroIRC always follows the latest Android guideline regarding user interface even for the new Jelly Bean release. With it thoughtful interface, everything is at hand!

Tablet ready

We have been working hard to bring you AndroIRC on tablet. The UI adapts itself to the screen size, and you'll be able to fully enjoy your IRC session on a larger screen.

FiSH, SASL, Nickserv

AndroIRC supports standard authentication system like NickServ. It also has advanced features, like SASL authentication, required by freenode. You'll also have to ability to encrypt your conversation with a full support of the FiSH protocol.

And much more!

English, French, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, ... AndroIRC is available in more than 10 languages and fully configurable to fit your needs. Logging, multiple servers, auto-connection at launch, secured connection (SSL), NickServ authentication, nicks and channels completion and much more, inside the best IRC client for Android™.

All of that for... free

AndroIRC is available for free on Google Play! A premium version is also available if you want to help in AndroIRC developement.